1. Pyloric stenosis-  olive-shaped mass
  2. Hyperthyroidism-  exopthalmous
  3. Liver cirrhosis-  spider angioma
  4. SLE-  butterfly rashes
  5. Addison’s disease-  bronze-like skin
  6. Leprosy-  Leoninig face(contracted face)
  7. Cushing syndrome-  buffalo hump
  8. Cholera-  rice watery stool
  9. Bulimia nervosa-  chipmunk face
  10. Asthma-  wheezing inspiration
  11. Hyperpituitarism –  carotenemia + xanthamia
  12. Down syndrome-  single crease on palms
  13. COPD-  barrel chest, blue boaters, pink puffers
  14. Hepatitis-  Icteric sclera(yellowish discoloration)
  15. Pneumonia-  greenish rusty sputum
  16. Thrombophlebitis-  homan’s sign
  17. Pernicious anemia-  beefy red tongue
  18. Appendicitis-  rovsing sign + psoas sign + McBurney’s sign
  19. Kawasaki disease-  strawberry tongue
  20. Pancreatitis-  Cullen sign(bluish discoloration of periumbilical area)
  21. Malaria-  stepladder fever
  22. Tetany-  Trosseau’s sign(jerky movements) chvostek sign(muscle twitching face)
  23. Typhoid-  rose spots
  24. Tetralogy of fallot-  clubbing of fingernails Boot-shaped heart on chest X-ray
  25. Measles-  koplick’s spots
  26. Cataract-  blurry vision, hazy vision
  27. Acute MI-  Levine’s sign(clutching of the chest)
  28. Pulmonary TB-  Low grade fever, night sweat, weight loss
  29. Parkinson’s disease-  masked face,  pill rolling tremors
  30. Cholecystitis-  murphy’s sign
  31. Dengue-  herman’s sign(petechial rash)
  32. Myasthenia gravis-  ptosis
  33. Glaucoma-  tunnel like vision
  34. Shock-  hypotension, tachycardia, tachypnea
  35. Lyme’s disease-  bull’s eye rash
  36. Abdominal aortic aneurysm-  pulsating abdominal mass
  37. CO poisoning-  cherry red face
  38. Patent ductus arteriosus-  machine like murmur
  39. meningitis-  stiffed neck
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