Heat stroke is failure of heat regulatory mechanism while heat

exhaustion is prolonged exposure to high temperature.

Clinical signs

Heat stroke

Dry hot skin, constricted pupils, very high body tempurtureie may exceed upto 107 to 110 F, convulsions and loss of consciousness.


Heat exhaustion

Moist and clammy skin, dilated pupils, normal or subnormal tempuratue, paleness, tiredness, dizziness, heavy sweating, muscles cramp, headache,nausea and vomiting.


Risk factors

  1. Infants and aged peoples, as they are susciptable to heat.
  2. Obese people.
  3. Working under high temperature working sites.
  4. Working not under proper safety measures.



Death from heat stroke by hyperkalemia.

While heat exhaustion leads to circulatory instability, loss of electrolytes balanceupto dangerous limit and peripheral pooling of blood.

treatment and prevention

  1. chlorpromazine may be used in case of heat stroke.
  2. Cold ice bath
  3. Use fan or AC to lower body temperature.
  4. Elevate the victim,s feet.
  5. If possible let the patient lie down.
  6. Administration of electrolytes based fluid i.e ORS.



  1. Activities in hot weather should be avoided.
  2. If possible move to a cool and shady place.
  3. Always stay hydrated, drinks plenty of cold water.
  4. Routine activities should be performed before sunrise and after sunset.
  5. Cooler baths
  6. Wear light clothes, use light colored of hat or cap .
  7. Doing activities in hot, alcohol and caffeine should be avoided.



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